Medical Waste Treatment & Disposal

Disposing of dangerous medical waste is tricky. Due to the different classifications of medical waste, facilities may be required to have several methods of disposal. Because of the cost and the restrictions imposed by the EPA, very few facilities are able to use methods like incineration on site. But at MWzero, we have the solution. Our unique system offers a safe, environmentally friendly medical waste treatment option.

About Waste Disposal

Medical facilities produce three primary waste streams:

  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Waste
  • Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)

Each of these waste streams comes with escalating prices for proper disposal. Prices per pound range from $.03 to $.05 for MSW, $.25 to $1.50 for RMW, and $1.70 to $2.00 for RCRA waste according to Practice GreenHealth.

The Perfect System

In 1999 at an America Healthcare Engineering conference, an engineer created a list of criteria for the perfect treatment technology, which MWzero has been modeled after:

  • No Public Hearing Required for Use
  • No Permit Required for Operation
  • Can Handle All Types of Medical Waste
  • Requires Only One Employee to Operate It & Can Be Operated without Special Training
  • Does Not Break Down Easily & Is Easy to Repair
  • Has No Emissions & Costs Less than the Budget Set Aside for the Machine

Doctor and Waste Treatment Product
4 Treatment Cycle Options
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Zero Waste & Less Pollution

With this breakthrough technology, medical waste generators can now realistically claim they produce zero waste. When combined with an effective waste minimization policy and reuse and recycling measures, medical businesses can now be totally self-sufficient and send zero waste to treatment facilities or landfills. Our system requires no transportation, which eliminates air pollution, and reduces the liability cost your facility's liability.

Safety & Self-Reliance

Because waste is destroyed within hours of its generation, our equipment helps improve the environment within the facility. Additionally, the MWzero gives your company total control of cost, collection, and elimination.

Additional Benefits:

  • No Water or Drain Required
  • Extremely Low-Cost Treatment, Maintenance, & Operation
  • No Shedding Required
  • No Chemicals Required
  • Indoor Operation Within a Small Footprint