About MWzero Waste Treatment

The MWzero system uses Pyrolysis-Plasma technology to treat medical waste which is typically generated in medical settings. With its no vent system, compact size, and integrated design, the MWzero Technology can easily be installed indoors since venting is not required and is easy to operate. Unrivaled by the other technologies in use today, this unit can be installed in hospitals and similar healthcare facilities to conduct real-time disposal and treatment of medical waste at the point of origin.

Simple Plug-In Installation in Any Facility

How It Works

The MWzero disposes of medical waste by reducing the volume of waste treated by up to 98%, converting the remaining output into inert ash. Additionally, our unit has the capability to process infectious waste, bio-hazardous waste, pathological waste, trace chemotherapy, and pharmaceutical waste. Our system is inexpensive to install and operate, with no water or shredding required before or after treatment. With a simple one-button operation, the MWzero provides the ease of use and quality assurance you need.