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Medical Waste Treatment System

The United States generates over 2 million tons of medical waste every year. Classified as either infectious or biohazardous. This waste must be treated and disposed of properly in order to protect the environment, general public, and workers who come into contact with it. But finding a cost-effective option that treats waste properly can be difficult. That's where we come in. The MWzero is an innovative waste treatment system designed to eliminate harmful waste and keep your facility thriving.

Our Mission
The goal of the treatment process is to reduce or eliminate medical waste and make it unrecognizable and pathogen-free.

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There are numerous ways to treat medical waste, including incineration, steam, microwave, and chemicals. But these methods typically require expensive equipment and large amounts of space that necessitate off-site removal. With MWzero, facilities no longer need to worry about finding the labor or money for pricy, off-site treatment and disposal. Using Pyrolysis-Plasma technology, we've created a top-of-the-line medical waste disposal option that reduces your carbon footprint and decreases costs while still getting the job done right. Learn More ›

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